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Game of Sultans MOD APK (full version) 4.1.01

Game of Sultans MOD APK (full version)
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  • Game of Sultans - PvP strategy with RPG elements in the gameplay, beautiful graphics and a wide variety of activities, in addition to conquests of course. Players will lead the Ottoman Empire and try not only to maintain the status of a formidable force on the world map, but also to increase its wealth. The entire gameplay will affect more than 600 years of history, which means that gamers should think through their actions looking back at the fact that all of them will affect future generations of residents. They will not only lead the troops into battle, but also solve a lot of other important and burning situations on which a lot depends.

    Game of Sultans is an interesting strategy game where you can become a sultan, gather an army and take part in hundreds of battles.

    In this strategy, anyone can feel the full power of the great Ottoman Empire, trying himself in the role of the Sultan. Gather the smartest and most courageous commanders, hire warriors and try to conquer European lands with your own hands, changing the course of history.

    Despite the game's relation to the strategy genre, to a large extent, players will have to deal with the life of the empire, rather than updating and building buildings. You need to hire subordinates, improve them and determine the functions in which they will be engaged. In addition, you will be responsible for creating and raising your own family, where there will be many wives, each of which requires attention to itself.

    Battles, as in any other strategy, play an important role. You need to hire and train warriors, commanders and commanders, who, together with the entire army, will conquer new territories for you and thereby expand your possessions. Enjoy gorgeous graphics, a huge range of social tools and addictive gameplay that will keep you entertained.


Game of Sultans MOD APK (full version)

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