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Bed Wars MOD APK (Full version)

Bed Wars MOD APK (Full version)
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Bed Wars is a cube-pixel PvP action game in which players will enjoy high dynamics and a variety of opportunities to achieve a winning result. 16 players per match, 4 islands, 4 teams of 4, 4 beds. One of which must be protected from the intrigues of enemy spies. And also try to collect resources, prepare raids and strive to eliminate the strategic position of rivals. And for this you will have to not only fight, but also build using the available and selected materials. Fun, exciting and unpredictable. What will please all fans of confrontations in online mode.

Bed Wars is a multiplayer sandbox game with cubic first-person graphics, a rich variety of modes and convenient controls.

Players are invited to connect to one of the ready-made rooms, or create a unique world where gamers from all over the world will compete.

Throughout the gameplay, you need to defend your own base, collect resources, craft weapons, armor, potions and fight other players. The rules of the game are insanely simple.

Each match takes 16 participants, who are divided into 4 teams of 4 people each. Teams appear on random islands, and each character has its own bed attached. They are needed in order to resurrect the character in case of his death. On the islands you can find ore, iron, stone, coal and gold. The probability of finding diamonds is extremely small, but it is still present. The collected resources can be sold on the local market, and with the proceeds, players can buy missing equipment and weapons.

Initially, there are no roads between the islands, any of the teams can build a bridge to steal resources from each other, fight and engage in sabotage. There is only one winner and it will be a team that is able to correctly allocate resources and make informed decisions.


Bed Wars MOD APK (Full version)

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