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Run Sausage Run! MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.26.0

Run Sausage Run! MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)
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Run Sausage Run! - cool, hilarious, but hardcore and brutal side-scroller arcade game with nice graphics and extremely addictive gameplay. The main character will be a sausage that decided that the role of an ingredient in a hot dog is clearly not for her and went on the run. But it's not easy to leave the kitchen. Cooks have long foreseen such a scenario and stuffed the territory with automatic traps that react to fugitives. Among which there may be chocolate bars, sausages and even someone's severed finger with a wedding ring. Obviously you won't be bored.

Run Sausage Run! - a very fun and dynamic runner starring a funny sausage.

In the game you will find a huge set of obstacles that can immediately end your run, colorful locations, dynamic gameplay, simple controls and, of course, an unusual character. You have to help the sausage avoid its main fate, namely to be placed in a hot dog and eaten.

The meaning of the runner is in many ways similar to similar projects from this genre, that is, you have to overcome the maximum distance, overcoming deadly traps on your way. The kitchen serves as a location, where sharp circular saws, knives, presses, hammers, gas stoves and other things will be waiting for you, which is a mortal danger.

As a control, ordinary taps on the screen will act. This will allow the ward to accelerate and lean back to pass straight under the blades of the knives and have time to slip past the heavy press. The amount of coins that you will receive in the end depends on the distance traveled. You can spend them on the purchase of new skins, among which there was a place: a cowboy, ninja, zombies, famous athletes, cartoon characters and other heroes.


Run Sausage Run! MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

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