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Life on Mars (18+) 0.2

Life on Mars (18+)
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Life on Mars (18+) century, human civilization achieved remarkable advancements in planetary terraforming technology, venturing beyond Earth to colonize Venus and Mars. However, this new era of progress and exploration was not without its conflicts. A series of wars erupted between the colonists and Earth, driven by the desire for independence and self-governance.

After years of conflict, in the mid-25th century, a peace treaty was finally brokered, putting an end to the Solar Federation and recognizing the sovereignty of Mars and other colonies. A new era began, with the story unfolding in the early 26th century, split between Earth and Mars, which now operated on its own calendar.

At the heart of the narrative is our protagonist, an aide to a senator who supports their boss's bid for the position of Chancellor. One of the senator's key promises is to end polygamy and polyandry on Mars. However, our protagonist grapples with their own stance on these practices. Their decisions and choices will play a pivotal role in the future history of Mars and its inhabitants. Explore the complexities of governance, relationships, and personal beliefs in a world where the fate of a planet hangs in the balance.


Life on Mars (18+)

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