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Totally Reliable Delivery MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.4121

Totally Reliable Delivery MOD APK (Unlocked)
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Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a cool, fun package delivery simulator. Where pretty graphics and a vibrant palette meet an unpredictable physical model and huge spaces where there are no restrictions. The task is simple - to deliver a certain package on time and on time. And what will be destroyed along the way and how many residents of the town will suffer is no longer important. In this case, players will be able to complete missions alone or join forces and act in a group with other participants. Ahead of them are waiting for a variety of situations and opportunities for a great pastime.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a colorful and insanely addictive package delivery simulator.

Players are invited to take on a difficult role in order to deliver parcels to the addressees in a timely manner. The funniest thing is that you can do this both alone and with your friends in real time. Originally designed locations, high-quality 3D graphics and realistic physics await players.

The main task of the players is to deliver parcels. First of all, they need to be received in special machines, and only after that they should be sent to the specified address in order to issue them to the recipient. Naturally, you need to deliver the goods safe and sound. There will be a lot of fragile items, you need to be extremely careful with them, otherwise the goods will not be accepted, and you will be fined. You can speed up the delivery process with the help of ground transport, but even here difficulties may arise. The whole problem lies in the management and very unusual physics, which does not allow the character to stand straight on his feet. Most of the time, it resembles a jelly that moves almost on the ground, picking up all the bumps in its path.

With the proceeds, you can purchase access to new characters and vehicles. Original gameplay, beautifully designed locations, high-quality graphics, dozens of task types and real-time gameplay. All this and more Totally Reliable Delivery Service can win your interest.


Totally Reliable Delivery MOD APK (Unlocked)

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