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Erich Sann: Scary games ending MOD APK (Dumb Bot/Money) 3.1.2

Erich Sann: Scary games ending MOD APK (Dumb Bot/Money)
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  • Zombie Erich Sann: New Horror Games. - an exciting adventure project with a horror component. Players will become new to this city. Not far from their house is an abandoned music school. Local residents flatly refuse to talk about why it is closed and what happened there such that even the authorities prefer to pretend that it simply does not exist. Tormented by curiosity and a thirst for investigation, they go for a night walk through the corridors and classrooms. But the building has an owner and he is very unhappy that someone invaded his territory. The game of cat and mouse begins.

    Zombie Erich Sann: New Horror Games. is a creepy first-person horror quest where you have to get out of an abandoned music school filled with ghosts.

    The authors of the game invite us to go to the building, which was once a music school, but now evil ghosts roam there, instilling fear in all living things. As it turned out, a young man was locked in the school, who decided to explore the abandoned room alone, but was caught by ghosts and locked in one of the rooms. Help the main character find the poor fellow, collect all the violins and get out to freedom.

    The game mechanics are in many ways reminiscent of such a popular project as Granny. You will watch everything that happens in the first person, you will have a joystick and an inventory where the character puts all the items found. The building is very large, traps will be scattered in it, in the form of traps, as well as weapons that will help to stun enemies for a while and then hide under a table, bed or in a closet.

    You need to carefully and almost silently make your way along long corridors, solve puzzles and run away from the ghosts in time. If they find and catch up with you, the game will immediately end and you will have to start all over from the beginning. The game has three-dimensional graphics, highly detailed locations and interesting quests.


Erich Sann: Scary games ending MOD APK (Dumb Bot/Money)

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