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Finders Sweepers Treasure Hunt MOD APK (endless lives) 1.0.0

Finders Sweepers Treasure Hunt MOD APK (endless lives)
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Become a successful mining tycoon with not only excellent intuition, but also calculating your actions in Finder Sweepers . Focus on the numbers, where exactly expensive resources should be . Get money and stars for victories and unlock new locations, even more beautiful and picturesque. The puzzle will undoubtedly appeal to fans of logic games. Use numbered clues to find secrets.

Explore new territories and travel across different corners of the planet, avoiding mines and numerous traps of competitors. Remember - you are not the only one who loves gold.

Finder Sweepers - find hidden objects by solving puzzles

Play the role of an adventurer in Finders Sweepers. You have to solve a lot of Minesweeper style puzzles to succeed in this mission. This genre is remarkable in that it develops logic and mindfulness. To clear a minefield, you need to know the principle of the game.

All these figures serve to facilitate the search for a planted mine. The number "1" means that there is one mine in the cells located around it. If a single cell is open, then it hides under it. Having calculated all the possible locations of the mines, you gradually open the map. Look carefully and find explosive surprises. Once you get to the cell occupied by the mine, it's game over.

Explore new lands

Players will be very surprised that in some locations there is a change of seasons and weather. That is, you will watch how snow falls, trees bloom, some animals appear or disappear, and much more. Despite such an excellent study of graphics and visual effects, the game can function perfectly even on rather weak devices.

In general, while traveling in Finders Sweepers, you will be able to see many different wonders of the world. Although this aspect is not the most important in this game, it is still nice to plunge into such an atmosphere.

Beware of booby traps

It would be very easy to play if not for some difficulties on the playing field. First, it concerns booby traps. The game starts with the first click on any cell on the field. When you click on a cell, it opens. If it has a mine, you will have a penalty of 10 seconds during which the field is inaccessible. If there is no mine in the cell itself, but there are mines in neighboring cells, then the number corresponds to the number of mines in neighboring cells

Several neighboring cells with numbers indicate the same mines, which makes it possible to identify dangerous cells. If there are no mines in the cell itself or in the cells adjacent to it, then open all adjacent empty cells. Therefore, you need to be wary of mines, because this can lead to a complete collapse. Like mines, wild animals can attack the player on the battlefield. This is fraught with danger.


Finders Sweepers Treasure Hunt MOD APK (endless lives)

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