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Archery Bastions: Castle War MOD APK (Money) 0.2.3

Archery Bastions: Castle War MOD APK (Money)
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Archery Bastions: Castle War is an entertainment project from the well-known studio CASUAL AZUR GAMES. Control an army of archers and fight exactly the same army on the other side. Walk in turns and try to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Before each battle, you can increase the number of fighters, their strength, as well as your castle. To deliver an aimed shot, you need to accurately calculate the power of the shot, as well as choose the right degree of attack. Pass level after level and crush ever stronger armies.

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Archery Bastions - hit the enemy faster than he can hit you

The gameplay here revolves around gunfights. Battles take place systematically, so the game is not dynamic. The player is not pushed by anyone, you have the opportunity to carefully aim to hit the enemy. Each round begins with the fact that you see the points of deployment of both your hero and your opponent.

There is only one task in the gameplay - to destroy the enemy with a long-range shot. Each of the armies has a certain number of troops, which players can find in the top corner of the screen. Each unit fires its own arrow, but even with a direct hit, it is not guaranteed that you will kill the enemy.

Upgrade your army

To be more efficient, Archery Bastions offer the ability to upgrade troops, making the army more powerful. There are three upgrade options in total. First, you can simply increase the number of troops. 1 unit will cost you 50 gold - this will allow you to shoot another arrow at the enemy. You can also make the troops more powerful.

This is necessary in order for you to kill the enemy with one shot, because sometimes you will have to shoot several times to destroy the enemy. The third aspect is your castle. The fact is that the armies do not stand on a bare field, but hide behind the walls of the castle. However, initially this castle practically does not exist. You also have to build its walls, which in the future may become additional protection from enemy arrows.

Use Powerups to Destroy Your Enemy in Archery Bastions

Another important aspect of Archery Bastions are bonuses and boosters that will help you deal with the enemy more effectively. It is worth noting that you can direct shots in the game using two parameters - strength and setting the required degree of shooting. When you set the desired indicators, you can safely send arrows flying. However, there are also nice bonuses.

This is a powerful bomb. Only a few are given. The bomb flies along with the rest of the projectiles and deals tremendous damage to defensive redoubts. Of course, provided that you definitely get into the design. In addition to bombs, as you progress through the game, unlock a number of other boosters.

Graphics and sound

There is no music at all, and the graphics boast a pleasant cartoonish style. The project is undemanding to the device, so almost everyone can enjoy it. Age limit 3+.


Archery Bastions: Castle War MOD APK (Money)

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