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Ragdoll Fight: Stickman Battle MOD APK (money) 1.1

Ragdoll Fight: Stickman Battle MOD APK (money)
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Ragdoll Fight: Stickman Battle is an arcade fighting game with simple 3D graphics, different locations and characters. You have to play as one hero who trains with a rag doll. The battle will be won when all opponents are either defeated or thrown out of the arena. However, not everything is so simple, your health can also fall, so be careful. The store has a wide variety of skins to make your character unique.

Enjoy clear mechanics and interesting gameplay. Move your character to attack and dodge, master all the tricks and win battles with ease.

Very good physics in the game Ragdoll Fight: Stickman Battle

This is a Ragdoll game, which means that the character models have a very good physical component, as close to reality as possible. Become one of the fighters who enter the arena to defeat all opponents. Beat opponents or try to push them into the abyss . The one who remains last will win. It is worth noting the excellent physics of the project and the detailing of the small movements of each fighter, which makes the game very interesting and exciting. Use a variety of strikes and watch your character fall into natural poses, dodge, stack and attack.

Come up with the perfect tactics to win

If we consider the combat system of Ragdoll Fight: Stickman Battle , then there are several types of attacks available. The player can make light attacks or deal maximum damage. In the first case, it will turn out to take away some health, but such attacks are safe. Heavy hits take away maximum health, but they are more difficult to execute. Long swing times must be taken into account. At this hour, the enemy can easily catch the hero. Powerful blows are appropriate when the enemy does not expect anything. This may be the beginning of a fight or when the opponent decided to change the distance. Well, do not also forget that you can beat both with your hands and with your feet.

Various locations in the game Ragdoll Fight: Stickman Battle

You will fight in Ragdoll Fight: Stickman Battle in the ring, as well as in amazing natural locations, buildings and specially equipped areas. Of course, each character is unique, has its own parameters, strikes and series, throws, as well as personal techniques. Each successful battle brings experience and currency that can be invested in improving the character, buying cool items for strengthening, unlocking skins, arenas and special combos.

Move around a fully 3D arena, punch and kick your opponent, grab him by different parts of the body and throw him. Don't forget to throw the enemy into the abyss. You don't have to deal a lot of hits to neutralize it.


Ragdoll Fight: Stickman Battle MOD APK (money)

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