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DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D MOD APK (Infinite Gold/Cash/Ads Removed) 4.91.0

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D MOD APK (Infinite Gold/Cash/Ads Removed)
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DEAD TARGET: Zombie - a cool first-person action game in a zombie apocalypse setting. The game takes place in 2040, shortly after one of the generals gives the green light to a contract with a biopharmaceutical company to create a batch of combat mutants. A series of accidents and outright sabotage has led to the fact that the world now lies in ruins and without any wars. Well, a few survivors, in the initial stage of the end of the world, are now fighting hordes of the walking dead and looking for a way to save the remnants of civilization. One of these heroes, who found themselves in the most vile binding, gamers have to become.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie is a bloodthirsty zombie shooting gallery with a first-person view, a huge set of levels and powerful guns. The game tells about a group of scientists who were deep underground in a laboratory. They were developing some kind of serum that could significantly increase the characteristics of soldiers, making them fast, strong and almost invulnerable. Naturally, something went wrong and all the subjects turned into the walking dead. The virus was able to get to the surface, gradually infecting one city dweller after another. We are going to be a former military man who told a lot of deaths, take up arms and go to clean up the territories from the walking dead.

At first, an ordinary pistol will be in the hands of the ward. Zombies attack one at a time, but over time their numbers will increase in importance, massive attacks will begin from literally all sides. Enemies are of several types, some slowly head towards the hero, having a large supply of health, others, on the contrary, strive to taste the flesh of the protagonist as quickly as possible, while being blown to pieces from one accurate headshot.

The gradual passage of the levels will allow you to visit various parts of the city, ranging from dilapidated streets, abandoned buildings and ending with military hangars. Each location is unique and perfectly conveys the gloomy and slightly depressing atmosphere.


DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D MOD APK (Infinite Gold/Cash/Ads Removed)

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