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Another World’s History MOD APK (full version) 2.1.6

Another World’s History MOD APK (full version)
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Stories of Another World - a beautiful and well-designed dating simulator in which players will be transported to a fantasy world. It is similar to ours, but seriously different in many ways. Participants will have to take into account a lot of factors in order to successfully lead their character through the main milestones of the storyline. At the same time, they themselves will decide how he will look, his character, romantic interest, and so on. This and the choice made during the game will determine how the whole story ends. The presence of several endings, from good to tragic, does not allow you to mindlessly click on options and skip dialogues.

Stories of Another World - a collection of interactive stories in which the plot develops depending on the answers you choose in the dialogues.

The game features a huge set of interesting stories in the fantasy genre. The most interesting thing is that users themselves create a unique series, where the appearance, character, romantic interests and behavior of the character are completely dependent on the choices you make.

Try to open the first story in which the main character wants to introduce the girl to the family, but the latter have completely different plans for the evening. Before the beginning of each story, the player has the right to choose the style of the main character, there are both regular outfits and premium ones, which are purchased with precious currency. At the same time, the gameplay itself exactly repeats the cult games of this genre. We will see the story being told in the form of short text stories with beautiful locations and recurring characters.

Read each dialogue carefully and choose the most correct answer in your opinion. The plot will develop gradually, you will not have time to notice how friends have become enemies, and those who used to hate you will begin to support and provide assistance in difficult situations.


Another World’s History MOD APK (full version)

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