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Rise of Defenders MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)

Rise of Defenders MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)
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Rise of Warrior Defender is a strategy game with a fantasy setting, good graphics and a long duration. With over 100 levels of increasing difficulty and intensity, fans will have a great time. They have to keep the defense of the stronghold with the help of units and protective structures. Gradually improving the strength of the walls and their height. Which is very useful given that the enemy will also grow in terms of strength and size. The soldiers themselves will choose targets, but the use of special skills will require quickness and accuracy of actions on the part of generals during battles. So you definitely won't be bored.

Rise of Warrior Defender is a role-playing game with elements of classic strategies in the castle defense genre.

Go to a fairy kingdom and help the locals defend their native walls from bloodthirsty monsters. Throughout the game, you need to defend the walls of the castle, where archers and brave heroes will be located. Enemies attack from the right side and move straight to the gate, don't let them get to it and destroy it.

The main defensive force are archers and several brave heroes with certain abilities and skills. They automatically fire at enemies in their line of sight. For each destroyed monster you will receive coins, experience points and sometimes rare crystals. Each wave includes several enemies of different types, sometimes you will have to fight bosses that are many times stronger than other opponents. Don't forget to use superpowers and spells that will help you in unequal confrontations and will not let your castle walls fall.

In addition to endless battles, players will have to restore the destroyed kingdom, build various buildings, improve them and help the locals. Warriors can also be improved by increasing their level and at the same time increasing the main set of characteristics and magical abilities. A magnificent hand-drawn picture and perky musical accompaniment add interest to the game.


Rise of Defenders MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)

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