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Grow Soldier - Merge Soldiers MOD APK (One Hit Kill) 4.3.0

Grow Soldier - Merge Soldiers MOD APK (One Hit Kill)
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Grow Soldier - Idle Merge game - a cool simulator from PixelStar Games in which gamers get a traditional corporate style of graphics, an exciting mixture of their genres, as well as almost endless gameplay where there will be no time to get bored. A zombie apocalypse is unfolding and mutants threaten the last survivors. On the way of one of the legions of walkers is a refugee camp. Gamers in the role of commander of a special squad must stop the attackers. At the start, they have a handful of soldiers and an old tank. While they are repelling attacks, you need to combine the same characters on the playing field to get cooler ones, and then send them to help.

Grow Soldier - Idle Merge game is a pixel simulator of creating the best army of soldiers that can resist the living dead. The world is mired in bloodthirsty wars, people have created a terrible weapon without knowing it. In one of the scientific laboratories, a vaccine was developed that was supposed to fight the most dangerous viruses. Something went wrong and all the workers, guards and other personnel working in the laboratory were turned into terrible zombies. The virus quickly spread through the cities and now most of the planet's population looks like the bloodthirsty dead.

Players will have to stop the spread of the virus by destroying infected people. Initially, the player will have a tank and only one warrior with a machine gun in his hands. They will go forward and fight the enemies on their own. The player at this moment needs to call on new units at the bottom of the screen, combine them with each other and increase the strength of the team.

Destroying waves of enemies you will be credited with game currency in the form of crystals and coins. You need to spend money on hiring new warriors and on improving the current army, increasing damage, increasing survivability and overall team spirit. Win victories, move forward, fight bosses and don't leave your enemies a single chance.


Grow Soldier - Merge Soldiers MOD APK (One Hit Kill)

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