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Psychological tests. IQ. Logic 1.5.2

Psychological tests. IQ. Logic
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How to improve yourself if you don't know your the advantages and disadvantages. Testometrika - will help to explore your uniqueness!

We selected almost all the best tests, from professional methods to entertaining ones.олр

Simple and convenient navigation:

- the collection of tests is divided into categories: intellectual, personality, love, character traits, etc .;

- filters and sortings will help you choose the test you need.

Detailed result and recommendations:

- the tests provide a detailed explanation of the result with points;

- recommendations based on results;

- share the results with your friends.

And a couple more interesting bonuses:

- 250 psychological articles on various topics;

- do not know what any psychological term means in tests? No problem! Our glossary will enlighten!

Logic and intelligence tests.

The ability to think flexibly, reason, analyze information is important everywhere. With the help of our tests, you will find out the level of logical thinking. In addition, in the application you will find recommendations for increasing the level of logical thinking.

IQ tests for children and adults.

If you want to break your head and test your mind for strength, take a picture test to assess the IQ level.

Career guidance testing.

The profession should bring pleasure, positive emotions and ensure the maximum realization of opportunities. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice!

Love test

A whole section dedicated to the topic of love, friendship and family. It presents tests for compatibility, pregnancy, marital relations, etc.

Rorschach ink stains.

This technique gives accurate results, therefore it is used where a reliable forecast and reliable results about a person are needed: for example, in clinical psychology, in business psychology, in forensic psychology.

Who are you?

Will help you understand your personality. There are no age or gender restrictions. This test perfectly describes the characteristics of a person and thanks to him you will find out who you really are!

Definition of bipolar disorder.

What it is? Bipolar disorder is about mood swings. For example, in the morning I want to sing and dance. In the middle of the day, suddenly break into colleagues. In the evening, a severe depression rolls over.

Desert cube

The test can be attributed to the projective techniques used in modern psychology. The test results will show the relationship between the images that will arise in the imagination and in the inner world.

And also other popular tests:

- on self-confidence,

- test for aggression,

- an idiot or a genius,

- Eysenck test (introvert or extrovert),

- for orientation,

- test of Jung and Belov for temperament,

- for schizophrenia,

- psyche test.

This application is more convenient than a browser due to the absence of an address bar and an increase in the visible area. Works only with the internet. Take tests with a PC at, authorization will combine the results.

The project is actively developing, we have a sea of ideas and plans for six months ahead. From month to month we will only get better.

By supporting the app with ratings, you motivate us to develop new functionality!


Psychological tests. IQ. Logic

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