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Abandoned City Survival MOD APK (Materials) 1.0.1

Abandoned City Survival MOD APK (Materials)
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The Abandoned City Survival project was created to create an original survivalist survival game without having to wait for a publisher. We will make a small sample so that you can see what we're capable of and work with us on your own projects, as well as proper technology involved in creating games of this type. 

It is an action survival game where you will join a small group of people trying to survive in a world that's been turned into a desert wasteland. In order to survive and keep the group together, you need to loot abandoned buildings, combat and shoot mutants, scavenge useless equipment, climb ladders and make use of the environment in order to find food and water. Killed enemies will drop items for you for scavenging or crafting. The game will have 3D engine providing good graphics along with some real-time gameplay like looting and combat.

You have seen films, and you know what a post-apocalyptic world looks like, right? Unfortunately, it's true - and this is the world where you will find yourself. You will have to fight against creatures of pure chaos, looting cars in order to survive and save other survivors...

You can't see the ending, but the game doesn't seem so difficult. You can find everything you need in a matter of minutes. It's probably easier to play this game than some other games on your phone!

Once you've started playing the game, you wouldn't be able to stop watching it until you finish it! So why not play it for real? Join hundred of other people who are enjoying this exciting game!


Abandoned City Survival MOD APK (Materials)

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