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Tall Man Run MOD APK (Money) 1.16

Tall Man Run MOD APK (Money)
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Tall Man Run is a fun casual game where you control a little man. Your task is to go to the end of a given path, while collecting various points, bonuses and other useful things, thanks to which your main character will rapidly increase in size. At the end of the run, a huge boss will be waiting for you, so prepare well for a meeting with him. While running, the character will grab various multipliers. Someone will make it thicker, and someone will make it wider. There are also dangerous obstacles that remove the height and weight of the character. At the end, you need to run to the finish line, collect bonuses and get to the boss.

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Make your character taller and stronger in Tall Man Run

You play as a little sickly hero. He has to run along the track, which is full of surprises and obstacles. The ultimate goal of the game is to make your player stronger. How to do it? The fact is that on the road you will meet various boosters. There are several types in the world. Some make the hero a few points higher, others fatter.

There are also boosters that immediately give a x2 or x3 multiplier to strength and growth. However, there are also debuffs that worsen the characteristics of the character. Therefore, it is very important to respond in time to what is happening on the screen, maneuvering either to the right or to the left.

Go through an exciting obstacle course

In addition to boosters, you will also encounter numerous obstacles that can weaken the character on the track. Often these are just barriers standing in the middle of the road. Sometimes you can jump on a trampoline, sometimes not. In this case, you will inevitably lose part of your body, thereby becoming weaker. There are other objects as well.

For example, a barrier that rotates clockwise. You need to guess the time so you can run past it without getting hurt. Moreover, it happens that other people will meet you on the road. You need to try to push them into the abyss as hard as possible to earn more money and points.

Get to the boss and give him a crushing blow

Tall Man Run consists of levels. At the end of each level, a huge stickman awaits you, which you need to try to hit so that he falls. However, getting to the enemy is not so easy. It is important that by the end of the level your hero is as tall and fat as possible. After the finish, the character will have to run through many cells, during which the hero will rapidly decrease.


Tall Man Run MOD APK (Money)

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