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Zombie Forest HD: Survival 1.40

Zombie Forest HD: Survival
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  • Zombie Forest HD: Survival - despite the funny minimalistic style of graphics, this strategy will please everyone who likes to survive and develop in difficult conditions. The protagonist, in order to escape from the zombie apocalypse, climbs into the thicket, but even here the mutants are trying to get to him and his neighbors. You have to repel attacks, collect resources, build lines of defense, add premises to your home, attract new residents, and so on. Gradually becoming the target for a whole horde of the walking dead. And only proper planning and distribution of opportunities will allow you to resist the onslaught and save your life.

    Zombie Forest HD: Survival is a cartoon zombie strategy game where you have to survive using your ingenuity and ingenuity.

    The main goal of the game is to survive in this cruel world filled with zombies for as long as possible. At the same time, players will have to save the world from an epidemic of a zombie virus that infects everyone it can reach.

    The gameplay is divided into days. You have to start from the first day, where you just need to wait for it to end. During the day, characters automatically fight off enemy attacks. At night, there is a direct control of the camp, where you need to prepare for future battles. If there are free beds, new survivors will join your squad at the end of each day. In addition, every night there will be an automatic distribution of provisions. All characters consume 2 units of water and food per day.

    At night, you need to build defensive fortifications, new rooms, improve buildings and craft ammunition for weapons. Don't forget to install rain filters and place animal traps, as these are the two things that generate food and drinkable water. All team members can be improved, but only if they have experience points. You can pump their characteristics and change the weapons used. Caught zombies need to be planted in pens, so that later they can be used to attack enemy settlements and exchanged for cartridges or the necessary resources.


Zombie Forest HD: Survival

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